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Welcome to the home page of The Traditionalist, LLC. Art Welling, a second-generation Master Craftsman, has his work featured in some of the finest homes in America.

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Furniture is a very important part of your home and its ambience. Custom furniture styles range from the classic to the contemporary. Arthur M. Welling is a master craftsman whose work adorns some of the finest American households. For over 30 years, Arthur M. Welling has been creating custom furniture that has been cherished and passed down the generations. Arthur M. Welling is an accomplished artisan of custom furniture as well as antique reproductions.

Each piece of furniture is handcrafted and individualized. The Arthur M. Welling Collection of furniture is never mass-produced. The furniture can be custom made with your choice of wood, hardware and style. Select a traditional look that fits your home, whether casual or formal.

Arthur M. Welling can also create antique reproductions for your home. With 18th century joinery techniques, fine inlays and exotic veneers, this elegant custom furniture is a lifetime investment. Add a touch of sophistication with handcrafted dining room furniture. The Hepplewhite sideboards will add personality to most any room in your home.

The fine workmanship and aesthetic integrity, Arthur M. Welling's signature, has won the respect of many fine furniture lovers all over the country.

If you're looking for exceptionally made custom furniture, Arthur M. Welling's name is one of distinction.

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